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Taking your one shot

What if you went into work tomorrow knowing that the project you’re working on that day would define your whole career and maybe your life?

Frampton expects ‘dangerous’ fight The importance of sports psychology Barry McGuigan explains how boxing unifies people

Carl, this is your opportunity. You know there are no guarantees, nor would you want a guarantee if one were offered. You want an adventure and a memorable experience. Isn’t that what life, and boxing, is all about

As for the fighter himself, he is single-minded and insists he will remain calm in spite of the crescendo of noise all around him

Once I’m in there I’m not worried about the crowd. It’s just me and him. I had my first fight when I was seven, so I’m more than ready to take the title. I’m not going to let anyone take my dream from me he says

As Frampton’s dream world title shot gets under way, could it be one concussive shot from the hard-punching Belfast fighter that closes the show, allowing him to realise a 20 year dream?